Considering going in for sas certification, just to give me the motivation for continued learning....or rather structure. But maybe that is too much pressure.

21 June 2011

time distance

Here is a link to the mathematical institute seminars

It is not so clear to me that there are these different parts of me, which have different interests. I wonder where the merge.

Other wise

A lot of time has been going in other work. Not wanting to force learning. Hoping that if I go with the flow, the time series and psychology will get a time share. Been busy though.

14 June 2011

Time Series Analysis

Laboriously trying to find sites where something is written clearly about time series analysis.

2 June 2011

more regressions..........enjoy it.

29 May 2011

more reg

Did a little more regression. understood to find really small pvalue and so determine the significance of the regression as well as the coeffecients. Also looked at the chart to find distributed variances.

28 May 2011

Regression and datasets

Did some regression tests with three datasets. Downloading datasets and performing excel regression tests. And plotting some charts also. Good start. Plan to download some data related to economics and have a collection of datasets. Have to proceed to anova next....scary.

27 May 2011

What is the purpose of thoughts?

Why are there thoughts during the awakened state? To make decisions we seem to require but a few thought. Why does the mind need to be used in other times? There must be a purpose in creation? What is the nature of the mind? Is it to solve problems. But there is aversion or at least some effort in disciplining the mind for example in meditation, mathematics, logic etc. Is the mind to solve body related issues by giving the body the maximum possible sensation of pleasure? By reliving pleasurable moments. But why then do we also hold on to anger and fear? Are emotions a way for the body to regurgitate sensations onto the body? Is the ultimate goal a safe survival mechanism? But why the constancy of thought? Is that a problem of the modern man.

26 May 2011

Las Vegas House Prices May 2011

Looking at the case shiller house price index,it seems like house prices in Las Vegas are cheap at the moment and a good value.