Is there truth?

Is there some aspects of subjects which are true or hold on to a behaviour independent of the object's observation. Does a crow that I observe hold some truth and some behaviour irrespective of the nature my human mind attributes to it such as a black, bird, rapacious etc. Clearly the bird and me being relatively independent entities, the crow still eats what I call food and drinks what I call water. So this aspect of the crows behaviour exists inspite of the attributes I give to the crow. However limited my observation may be in terms of the totality of what a crow is or in the way the crow sees itself, there seems some truth in my observation. So indeed there seems to be a subjective truth.

S(Crow,Human) = T(Crow) x O(Human)
S(Crow,Rat) = T(Crow) x O(Rat)
S(Crow,Crow) = T(Crow) x O(Crow)

Where S is Subject, T is Truth , O is Object

Now it seems that there is no way to reach the truth without the Object. Even in mathematics, I know a natural number when I see on and also the properties of addition, but do I really know ALL about what a natural number is? Doubtful. It is doubtful that the Object can ever fully comprehend Truth about any subject.

25 May 2011

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